I am probably in the minority.

I think I’m going to miss weekly Sunday School. Having said that, I’m sitting here in the hall skipping Sunday School. So why would I miss it?

I’ve taught gospel doctrine twice. It is one of my favorite callings. It helped kick start my gospel study and forced me to try to make interesting lessons. The manual they give is so poor. Greg Prince is on the board of directors at a Methodist seminary. He handed the LDS Old Testament manual to some people there and they said they had seen some bad manuals, but the LDS manual was the worst.

It doesn’t have to be that way. LDS leaders could work to improve the manuals. They could have engaging lessons. But I’ve heard that with the elimination of an hour of church, the manuals have gotten worse.

If the manuals are worse, then I support the decision to take an hour away from church. I will spend the extra hour studying the gospel in topics that are more interesting to me. So I am grateful we are moving to 2-hour church. But I’m sad leaders don’t recognize how bad the manuals are and aren’t making an effort to improve. And that makes me sad.

While we’re at it, I’m sad to hear the LDS church is discontinuing the Hill Cumorah and Manti pageants. A friend said LDS leaders are destroying the community fabric that binds Mormons together. I agree. It’s like they want to have the most boring services ever. We already have the worst Christmas and Easter services ever. We’ve eliminated road shows, interesting missionary farewells, and continue to gut the best parts of Mormonism.

I’m sure there is a burden on locals to put together the pageants. Did pageants organizers request this? It seems not. It’s another to dumb decision from the bean counters. Don’t we covenant to sacrifice and consecrated our time, talents, and energies to the church? This decision seems to conflict with that sacrifice we covenant to.

If the pageants are hokey and not historically accurate, then fix them.  Don’t dump them.  I know it brought money to the local economies of Clarkston and Manti, and it’s going to hurt those communities financially.  I can’t speak to other communities.

I know leaders want simplicity. But it seems like a race to the bottom. Joseph taught Mormons the mysteries of God. Orson Pratt taught amazing things. And now we dumb things down, have the worst manuals, and kill cultural events that make Mormonism unique, a peculiar people. It doesn’t make sense to me.

But who am I to complain?