My kids love to watch Studio C.  For those of you unfamiliar with Studio C, it is a sketch comedy show on BYU-TV, and they also publish comedy routines on YouTube.  It definitely appeals to the pre-teen, teen crowd, but adults will find some of their routines funny too.  Here’s one where Sleeping Beauty has bad breath.

Another where nobody takes good yearbook photos.

One of the funniest sketches they’ve ever done was this video of Scott Sterling, getting pummeled in the fact in both soccer, and volleyball.  (I’m amazed at the special effects.)


The show was even featured on Conan O’Brien’s show for the clean comedy routines.  Conan even says his kids watch it!

But what got my attention was the following sketch.  BYU and the LDS Church has long had a history of discouraging interracial marriage.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this sketch.  (Note, you may or may not find this funny, but I was just struck by the portrayal of the interracial marriage, even holding hands!)

Has the church turned a corner with regards to interracial marriage?