We’d like to congratulate our winners of this year’s Wheaties and Tare-ific Awards.  Go ahead and give us your acceptance speeches!  Let’s start with the Tare-ific Awards!  We ended up with several ties this year!TareficAward1.jpg

Worst Mormon Internet Drama in 2016

  • BYU’s (mis)-handling of rape reports (52%)

“Tobias Funke Award” – unintendedly dirty sounding thing a Mormon said or did

  • Sis. Nelson saying “tooting a flute” in her sex talk (61%)

Worst Resignation/Excommunication (our first Tare-ific tie, or at least first one I can remember)

  • Jeremy Runnells – CES Letter (50%)
  • Bruce Holt nominated for Single Facebook post (50%)

Worst Commenter

  • Rob Osborn (67%)

Now it’s time for the Wheaties!wheaties

Best Mormon activism of 2016

  • BYU rape scandal (80%)

Best overall blogger

  •  Hawkgrrrl (63%)

Best post title

Funniest Post

Best new blog

Best scriptural/doctrinal post

Best satirical post

Best current events post

Best post series

Best Post on the Temple

Wish they still updated these blogs

  • Mormon Mentality (27%)

Where are they now? (most missed)

  • New Iconoclast (56%)

Best Use of Data:

Write-in Awards

  • Most astute reader of the Bloggernacle: Ziff (23%)
  • Most improperly categorized entry:  The Pride Cycle, the Prosperity Gospel, and Grace (Incorrectly entered under Feminism–sorry about that, but hey, you won something!)

Best big blog

  • By Common Consent (76%)

Best group blog

  • Wheat & Tares (62%) Two years in a row!!!

Best podcast (another tie!!)

  • Mormon Discussion Podcast (14%)
  • Maxwell Institute Podcast (14%)
  • Mormon Stories (14%) As you can tell, highly fragmented voting in this category!

Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum

  • Exponent II Facebook Group (24%)

Best List of Church Changes

Best Book/Article/Movie Review

Best Mormon Politics Post

Best Church Change

  • BYU committee to address Title IX violations (31%)

Best Twitter Feed

  • @ByCommonConsent (47%)

Best Commenter

  •  Hawkgrrrl (70%)

Lifetime Achievement Award (another tie!)

  • Steve Evans (28%)
  • Julie Smith (28%)

Best post on Feminism/Patriarchy

  • BYU Rape Myths (22%)

Best personal post

Best post on church policy

Leonard Arrington Award – Best Scholarship on Bloggernacle

  • Ardis Parshall (61%)

Alright, there you have it!  We want speeches!  Any controversy this year?  (Maybe I should take away BCC’s awards just to stir something up!)

We did notice participation was a little lower this year, and wondered if you all might comment as to why you think that was.  Is it because the poll was offsite?  Are the awards getting stale?  Is it because we couldn’t add hyperlinks?  Something else?