I am excited to launch a new podcast on Mormon History.  Since February is #BlackHistoryMonth, I thought it would be interesting to interview historians and authors about black LDS History.  Margaret Young is my first guest, and we discussed the life of Jane Manning James, a black Mormon convert from Wilton, Connecticut.  Jane travelled by foot Nauvoo, and had an close friendship with the Prophet Joseph Smith and his wife Emma, so much so that she was sealed to them in a highly unusual sealing ceremony.

Jane sent letters to every prophet asking for temple blessings, but was denied.  Margaret describes some of these letters as Jane wrote poignantly, “is there no blessing for me?”  I think when we talk about the “priesthood ban,” we don’t fully appreciate that the temple ban affected women as well as men.  It was a fun interview with Margaret, and I’ll be posting part 2 of our conversation later this week.  I hope you can listen to our conversation.

Do you have any questions for me?  Do you have any topics you’d like me to cover?  What do you make of Jane’s unusual sealing to the Emma and Joseph Smith?