Nominations ramped up this week, but we still need you to tell your friends!  Every year someone doesn’t hear about nominations until it’s too late!  This is your chance to nominate, or be nominated!  This is our final week of nominations.  (Leave comments on other blogs to tell them to nominate!)

Voting will begin next Monday and last for a week.

We decided to start with the categories with the fewest nominations, so feel free to nominate in these smaller categories. (or if you don’t, hopefully you’ll win!)

Let’s start with the Tarefic Awards!

Commenter that started the most arguments:

  • Howard

Worst Mormon Activism:

Write-in category:

  • Commenter most likely to cure insomnia: Clark Goble
  • The proliferation of the Rational Faiths army everywhere

Worst Commenter:

  • Chris Henrichsen
  • Genhy

Biggest Soapbox Commenter:

  • Jeff G
  • Meg Stout

Worst Excommunication:

  • John Dehlin
  • Rock Waterman

Worst Mormon Internet Drama:

Here are our 2015 Wheaties categories:  WheatiesShark

Best apologetic blog:

Best apologetic post:

Most memorable comment:

Best book/article/movie review:

Best Mormon Activism:

Most Missed:

  • New Iconoclast

Best new blog (first published in 2015):

Best blog layout/graphics:

  • Wheat and Tares
  • Rational Faiths

Best solo blog:

Best new blogger:

  • Michael Austin
  • Hadley Ann Sanchez

Best overall blogger:

Best historical post:

Best faith crisis post:

Write-in category:

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2015:

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:

  • Mormon Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy for their in-person dialogues and support of the World Parliament of Religions in SLC.
  • Keys to Equality” art project at the World Parliament of Religions.
  • Loyalty is a Tricky Virtue

Best post title:

Best post on feminism:

Best Post on the New Gay Policy:

Best spiritual post:

Best doctrinal post:

Funniest Blog:

Best Bloggernacle Controversy:

Best commenter:

  • MaryAnn
  • SilverRain
  • Kristine A
  • Ziff
  • Cynthia L
  • Rah
  • Mraynes

Best Post on the Temple

Best big blog:

Best current events post:

Best post on church policy:

Best personal post:

Best post series:

Best satirical post:

Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum:

Funniest Post:

Best group blog:

Best podcast: