I am a relatively newcomer to the blogging scene. I was drawn to the scene due to hearing information about the Church that just didn’t sit with me. Having been a relatively orthodox member (Mission, wife, family etc. etc.) I had not previously been exposed to, what I would have called the fringe doctrine or fringe intellectual positions. But upon hearing about many of the things contained in the CES Letter and other historical aspects of the church, I had questions – and no one had answers. And so I did what any self-respecting inquisitorial person would do and see what Google had to say on the subject.

I became aware of a mountain of LDS blogs, Times and Seasons, FMH, BCC. They were all talking about the issues I wanted answers to. A world of information was opened to me.

Everyone has a niche – or a place where they feel comfortable. I gravitated to Wheat and Tares as the place where I felt most comfortable. I found the topics to be broad based and not overly intellectual – I was home. This was a community I felt at ease with.

And so I contacted one of the administrators and offered to do a guest post. I was understandably rather nervous and apprehensive about what sort of reaction there would be to my thoughts. I was surprised to see a lot of comments and a lot of discussion on the issue of modesty and false standards. My thoughts on the subject deepened and I developed a new and broader understanding of the topic.

I have come to feel that blogging is like being an artist. You have something inside you and you put it out on canvas, or in another media. The work of art is then out there for all to see. It is rather revealing – sort of like those dreams when you’re naked walking down the main street (everyone has had those, right…!!!).

Blogging is not altogether different to that. As bloggers we put ourselves out there (anyone who comments do as well). You know a lot about us as we put our thoughts, feelings and beliefs out there. I have felt this level of vulnerability as I have pushed the publish button sending a post off into the world…

And so what have I learned? I think the most important thing I have learned is that I am not alone. There are people out there who hold the same or similar positions than me. This is comforting, and is why I feel a sense of home, within the blogging environment.

Another thing I have learnt is that there are others that have very different views to me. This is just as important. To be challenged in my opinions, to be offered another view point or to be presented with entirely new information helps me to better understand the world and my place within it.

I have learnt to challenge my knowledge. I have been exposed to aspects of the Gospel that I would never have thought about. Aspects of our history, links between gospel principles and commentary on current church events have all helped to renew and reinvigorate my sense of searching.

And so at this time of anniversary, thank you. Thank you to my fellow bloggers who so kindly accepted me into the blog. I am constantly in awe of the more experienced bloggers here – of their knowledge and intelligent perspectives. I take great strength from you. Thank you to the Wheat and Tares community who respond so eagerly and keenly to the topics presented. You are the fuel that keeps the fire of this community burning.

We probably won’t change the world, but you have changed me.

Thank you