fhe-242498-galleryIn light of the blog posts of this week discussing Elder Bednar’s statement that the rupture in the cycle between baptism and endowment is “first, foremost and most powerful is, weak Gospel teaching and modeling in the home.” This upset a lot of people. But, it got me wondering, just what is weak Gospel teaching in the home?

So, I started a list. It’s definitely not all inclusive and in some cases, doesn’t start out in the home, but other places, like Church. After that, I put together a small list of what strong Gospel teaching in the home might actually look like. And, I will welcome your comments on both lists.

Weak Gospel Teaching

• Teaching that a pint of cream might be solely responsible for someone leaving the Church.
• Having the same Sunday School lessons on a rotating 4-year cycle for over 30 years and expecting a different result.
• Teaching that the Old Testament had the full gospel in it, but someone took it out.
• Teaching that the husband or wife must take a job that keeps him out of the home for days or weeks at a time so the family can live well and that the Lord is blessing him/her for it.
• Taking a man or woman out of their home doing Church work so much that their children hardly see them
• Constantly pointing out how members are failing rather than praise them for what they are able to do.
• Not reinforcing President Hinckley’s call to “do the best you can” but rather making it seem like we’re never doing enough
• Not disavowing a statement like “When the Prophet speaks the thinking is over.”
• Teaching that a young woman who is worthy in every way is not worthy to be an eternal companion because of an extra pair of earrings.
• Teaching that a female Congressperson with a family is worthy of special attention in Church publications, but a Sister who has to work outside the home is looked down upon.
• Teaching that if a child decides to leave the Church, it must be the parent’s fault.
• Acting as if only CEOs, VPs, or other successful businessmen can be effective Church Leaders.
• Teaching that a worthy, temple recommend holding, full tithing paying, Temple going male cannot be a Temple worker with a beard.
• Modeling that using Church members for free labor when a person can afford to pay someone is called “service.”
• Teaching that the Young Women are responsible for Young Men’s behavior
• Teaching that you must have been a great warrior in heaven to be so well off on earth and not to have been born in a poor country

And so on…

And here is my partial list of Strong Gospel Teaching

Strong Gospel Teaching

• Raising our children to be good people
• Actually understand what Jesus taught and modeled and trying to be more like Him
• Loving our children unconditionally like our Heavenly Parents, even if you are disappointed at their actions
• Respecting others rights to their own beliefs without ridicule
• Just be less judgmental
• Learning to separate religious beliefs from secular practices
• Recognizing that we have a secular Democratic Republic in the US and not a Christian Theocracy
• Not interjecting your politics into a Church lesson
• Being sympathetic to the plight of others less fortunate and trying to help them without expecting anything in return, even a “blessing”
• Making the Sabbath a delight for you and your family, whatever that means.
• ……

What would you add to each list?