A while back, there was a discussion about defiling garments.  One commenter said that defiling your garments includes

Probably should be replaced
Probably should be replaced.  Besides, they are rather thin.

Treating them in a casual manner such as:

– Throwing them on the floor
– Not retiring them when they are full of holes, tears or discolored
– Wearing them contrary to instructions
– Trying to adjust them to wear some clothing.
– Not wearing them, when you can.
– Letting them hang out your shorts on the bottom in public (Seen that one in Utah)
– Even discussing them in a very disrespectful manner

Do you wear your garments longer than you should.  Is this a way of defiling them?

There is a saying that “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”  Is getting the longest life out of a garment the sign of thrift?

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2015-02-11 20.23.58
Definitely should be replaced, or a should a new seam be added?

Is it ok to patch the holes?  Are some of your garments gray, while others are bright white? if they are simply discolored, is it time to bleach them, or should you retire them?  Are there other ways to defile the garment?

2015-02-11 20.16.45
A mix of gray and and white garments