I saw a Facebook post that went something like this.  The person stated that the Proclamation on the Family was specifically created as part of an amicus brief that Kirton McConkie (Church’s law firm) drafted in the Church’s fight against marriage equality in Hawaii in the mid-1990s.  The Church decided to release it to the broader membership as a “proclamation” because it was needed to officially codify the document and give one-man one-woman marriage credence as an “official” doctrine of the church, since prior to that, there were essentially no official writings in the Church that made that claim.  Another person chimed in that a Seventy had told them that the Proclamation was an attempt to set the Church’s opinion legally before they entered the full court battle.  A third person wrote that the Baptists came out with a copycat proclamation for the same reason that was even worse, titled that wives should submit to their husbands.

How much truth do you think there is to this?  Was it lawyers, or apostles who wrote the proclamation?  (Are you glad you’re not Baptist?)