wagging-fingerSo you happen to meet someone who is related to a family member. They happen to be a “Born Again Christian.” They know you and your family are Mormon. You share two meals together. You pray together. Nothing is really said on the topic of religion.  The following day, outside of your presence, they start talking to your family member.

Person: “Oh yes, Mormonism is a cult.”

Family member: “No, it’s not.”

P: “Yes, you worship Joseph Smith.”

FM:  “No, we don’t. We worship Heavenly Father and Jesus. Joseph Smith was a Prophet like Moses and Abraham.”

P: ” That’s not right.”

FM: ” What do you mean that’s not right? I was raised in it, I should know.”

P: ” Well, you’re wrong.”

That’s how it went down. Sounds like the 1980’s all over again.  My family member then left that uncomfortable situation. The challenge is that it is not really over. My family member now has to be around a person who feels this way.

So how would you or have you dealt with that kind of a situation?