Voting for the 2012 Tarefic/Wheaties Awards has begun.  You may click the selections to view the links as many times as you wish. Then make your final selection and click the “vote” button. Once you click the “vote” button on each category, you cannot change your vote.  You may make one selection for each poll except the last one; for the write-in category, you may choose up to three selections.  Each person may vote one time. Polls will close at the stroke of midnight (mountain time) on January 30th.

Don’t forget to vote for the Brodies at Main Street Plaza!  (There are at least 4 nominations from W&T, so vote for us!)

Here we go . . .

Wheaties categories:

Best Big Blog:

Wheat and Tares [poll  id=204]
By Common Consent
Feminist Mormon Housewives
Times and Seasons

Best group blog:

Juvenile Instructor [poll id=205  ]
Peculiar People
Faith Promoting Rumor
Zelophehad’s Daughters
Doves and Serpents
Exponent II
With Real Intent
Worlds Without End
Main Street Plaza
Mormon Mentality

Best Humorous Blog

Overheard in the Ward [poll id=206 ]
Expert Textperts
Sistas in Zion

Best solo blog:

Keepapitchinin by Ardis Parshall [poll id=207]
No Death Before the Fall by R Gary
Irresistible Disgrace by Andrew S

Best new blog: (must have put up its first post in 2012)

Peculiar People [poll id=208]
With Real Intent
Worlds Without End

Best blog layout/graphics:

FMH (redesign) [poll id=209]
With Real Intent
Doves and Serpents
Worlds Without End

Best overall blogger:

Taylor Petrey [poll id=210]
George Handley
Mike S
Jacob Baker
Andrew S
John Hamer
Margaret Young
Tracy M

Best commenter:

Hawkgrrrl [poll id=211]
Mike S
Thomas Parkin

Funniest thread:

Are We Paying Too Much Tithing? (It was unintentionally funny because of the commenters.) [poll id=212]
The Super Bowl of Analogies by Cynthia L.
Ziff’s Nacle Notebook 2012: Funny Comments

Best post title:

Exactly 1000 words on pants by Cynthia L. [poll id=213]
Steve Evans, “To All the Stupid People
Will God and my Good, True, Loving Husband Be Merciful?” The Secret Love Letters of Joseph F. Smith and Susa Young Gates

Best humorous post:

Matsby, “John McNaughton’s Idea Journal [poll id=214]
Casey, General Conference: What are the Odds?
Election Reactions Explained by GIFs
Elder Uchtdorf to don Burqa by ZD
Hawkgrrrl, Poor Rich People

Best historical post:

Ben P., “Mormon Patriotism and the Cultural Reading of Scripture [poll id=215]
Amanda, “Hawaiian History, Colonialism, and the Polynesian Cultural Center
Ben P., “A Historical Note on ‘Unorthodox Mormonism
Mormon Heretic, The First Black Mormon Leader: Pete
Mormon Heretic, The Bushman Interviews
Rock Waterman, Are We Paying Too Much Tithing?

Best spiritual post:

Jacob Baker, “All Eternity Shakes: Mormonism’s Weeping God [poll id=216]
SC Taysom, “What Quinten Tarantino Taught Me About the Temple
Kristine, “To See Face to Face

Best doctrinal post:

Why is it So Hard to Figure Out what Mormons Believe? [poll id=217]
Gospel Doctrine lessons by Julie Smith
Emma, My daughter in Zion: A Preliminary Study of D&C24 by Joseph M. Spencer
LDS Correlated Lessons and the Hermeneutical Model-Pardes
Gabriel Gomes Fidalgo In His Own Words: Gabriel Gomes Fidalgo, 2012
The Temple and the tempest by James Olson
Rock Waterman, Are We Paying Too Much Tithing?
Brad Kramer, Pride, Gross Iniquity, And Suffering for One’s Sins

Best personal post:

A mission dream for the last day of autumn by Craig H. [poll id=218]
Greg Prince: My Journey
Kristine, “To See Face to Face
What is in name: Faith of my Fathers
Gabriel Gomes Fidalgo In His Own Words: Gabriel Gomes Fidalgo, 2012
Anonymous/Matthew, “Unexpected Spiritual Experiences: And Have Joy Therein”
Unraveling by Lynette

Best current events post:

Patrick Mason, “The Politics of Jesus [poll id=219]
Saskia T., “Negotiation on the Internet: The Mormon ‘Hey Girl’ Meme
fmhLisa, On Nastiness: Why Nice Mormons Can be so very very mean about pants

Best book/article review:

Juvenile Instructor’s series on Turner’s biography of Brigham Young [poll id=220]
David G. et. al., Roundtable on the Brigham Young Biography
Ben P, “2012 in Retrospect: An Overview of Noteworthy Articles and Books in Mormon History

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2012:

Jacob Baker [poll id=221]
Steve P.’s Gilda Trillim series
Joanna Brooks appearing on The Daily Show
Forgotten Women” series by Winterbuzz
Mormon Heretic, The Bushman Interviews

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:

Chanson at Main Street Plaza [poll id=222]
Joanna Brooks
Sara Long/Scott Holley/Mormon Building Bridges for Mormon Pride Parade

Best Mormon podcast series

Mormon Stories [poll id=223]
Mormon Matters
Mormon Expression
Mormon Expositor
Infants on Thrones
Mormon Stories Sunday School
Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast

Best Mormon Facebook Community

Mormon Stories Podcast Community [poll id=224]
Mormon Expression VIP Lounge
Feminist Mormon Housewives Society

Write-in category (can choose 3):

Best Mormon Moment Post: Patrick Mason, “Why Romney’s Loss is Good for Mormonism [poll id=225]
Ben P., “The Best of the Mormon Moment.”
Best Social Activism – All Enlisted – Wear Pants to Church Day
Best Definition of Commonly Misused Terms in the Church:  “What Is The Church?
Best Definition of Commonly Misused Terms in the Church:  “Understanding Priesthood Keys.
Best Poetry Column – Psaltery and Lyre
Julie Smith and the Kent Larsen for their posts on BoM
Most clever name for an awards category: “Tarefic”
Best Activism: FMH – Temple Baptism Project -leading to church clarification that menstruating women should not be banned from temple baptisms
Most Memorable Comment:  Mark Brown,  The Super Bowl of Analogies

Categories for the Tarefic Awards!

Worst Mormon internet drama

David Twede/MormonThink Controversy [poll id=226]
Daniel Peterson/John Dehlin Rumored Attack Letter
Ralph Hancock/Joanna Brooks Mormon Liberalism drama

Biggest Soapbox commenter.

Jon [poll id=227]
Nick Literski
R Gary

Commenter that started the most arguments

DKL [poll id=228]

Most missed personality on the Bloggernacle:

Steve Evans [poll id=229]
Scott B
Adam F
The Faithful Dissident

Write-in Tarefic category:

BCC – “Great post” or “Thank you” [poll id=230]
Biggest Cray-Cray Lunatic Commenter Who Isn’t a Troll:  Weston Krogstadt Rules!
Worst Comments: Facebook comments on the Pants page.