In February 2011, I wrote this blog about how I though some people love their guns more than they love God. In other words, they love their guns more than they care about the people that die each year by guns.  I still believe that there is a segment of the population that this applies to.  And they scare me.

In the wake of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, Wisconsin and Sandy Hook, the wound of gun violence in the United States has been ripped open. And you can hear diatribes on both sides of the question on the major news and cable show all day and all night. It is the topic du jour.

I do think there are rational people on both sides who could some together to do something meaningful toward solving the problem of gun violence in our country. If we could eliminate the nuts on both sides, it could happen.

However, the NRA and its real constituents, the gun makers, would never go for anything meaningful in the way of real gun control and registration and, the radical gun control nuts would never settle for anything less than confiscation of all privately-owned weaponry.  But there is a middle ground.

What does, frankly, amaze me the most is that Utah appears to be the most gun crazy state in the union?   For example, Officials in Spring City, Utah are proposing that every household own a gun. A recent gun show in Sandy packed them in as the fear of a restriction fueled a buying frenzy. I have friends there that are signing up in droves for gun classes. Even though I probably know better, I would expect the place where the LDS Church grew up and is headquartered to be more in tune with the Prince of Peace and less with the Peacemaker (a Colt six shooter).

So if someone wants to buy a gun, handgun or rifle to protect them and their family and, are legally able to purchase the weapon, I really see nothing wrong with that. If you are a hunter or a target shooter and want to own weapons to enjoy your sport, you should be able to.

I do worry very much about the extreme folks that claim that their guns are necessary to protect against a tyrannical government or an attack against the people by the US Military. It might be true that the second amendment was written for a new nation for that very purpose. But back then, everyone had a single shot musket, which took minutes to load.  Do these folks really think that even with assault weapons they could take on the US Military if the military seriously wanted to take over?  With planes, tanks, drones, nukes and a navy, these so-called citizen militias would not even stand a chance. So to me, that is a bad reason to own a gun.

Something needs to be done. The answer to 34 killings a day by guns cannot be more guns or more armed people, in our schools, in our malls and in our homes.

In most of the cases, the guns used in gun murder started their life as a legal purchase. Some purchased by the very perpetrators themselves, or left in the home easily accessible by a family member and, some that were sold to, stolen by, or somehow acquired by a bad guy.

I am hopeful that reason can prevail and that something will be done that can have a meaningful impact on gun violence.  I am still hopeful for a civil dialog where the problem can be addressed and a solution found.