Jimmer Fredette

It is my opinion that there are far too few sports posts on Wheat and Tares.   Since the NBA draft is this week, it’s time to revisit Jimmermania!  Despite the fact that I’m a Utah alum, I like Jimmer.  He’s fun to watch.  He was the leading scorer in the NCAA this year, and I do believe he was the best player in the nation.  But will he be a force in the NBA?

It looks like he will be a first round pick in the NBA, but I think he will be a role player.  The biggest question here in Utah is “will the Jazz pick Jimmer at the #12 pick?”  I don’t think so, but we will find out soon.

Many people have compared Jimmer to Danny Ainge.  To me there is no comparison–Danny was way better.  Rick Reilly of ESPN created a firestorm at BYU for his article Jimmer Grows Dimmer.  Perhaps Reilly was a little harsh about Jimmer’s bad game against Florida, but I have to agree with Reilly on almost all counts.  Jimmer doesn’t play defense.  While he has NBA range, he is a ball hog.

I was at my in-laws house one day, and they were complaining that Reilly was ripping the LDS church.  WHAT????  I pulled up the article, and said, “where is Reilly ripping the church?”  My brother-in-law didn’t know exactly–he had heard it from others.  While I was reading Reilly’s first article to them, I discovered Reilly wrote a 2nd article based on all the hate mail he had received from BYU fans.  See Rick Reilly’s mailbag:  Jimmer fans react.  The funniest thing Reilly said was

The best hate mail in America comes from BYU fans. Even when they’re spitting 20-penny nails, they’re still incurably nice. Alabama fans will write hoping you die a slow, painful death, staked to an anthill while your mom watches, but the worst a BYU fan will say to you is that you’re not going to heaven.

Truly great article!  I thought Reilly was right on the money.  Not everyone agrees with Reilly.  Former ESPN talent DanPatrick called out Reilly and ESPN’s Colin Cowherd for their remarks about Jimmer.  Check out this video.


So what to you think?  Will Jimmer be a force in the NBA?  Was Reilly too harsh on the LDS church?

There are 3 mock drafts that place Jimmer as high as the #7 pick (Sacramento) and as low as Phoenix at #13.  With the Jazz picking at #3 and #12, they have 2 chances to take Jimmer.

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