Wheat and Tares supports Earth Day 2011. This year the theme is “A Billion Acts of Green.” Let me expound upon why this theme inspires me. There are many worthwhile things we are encouraged to do it the Church and in the community, but often our lives are so full that it is difficult to add one more thing. Every Earth Day I dream of doing some big project to help save the planet in a major way. But then it’s all I can do to get my chores done and my family fed and everyone off to work and school. And, oops! I forgot to bring the reusable bags to shop at WalMart.

Once, when I was discouraged about not having planted a garden late in the season, a friend told me, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” By this she meant that I didn’t have to have an acre of garden planted on April 15th. If I could get out three tomato plants, I’d be doing something worthwhile.

This year’s Earth Day theme has me picturing a billion people around the world, all doing some small “act of green.” Perhaps it is recycling the trash. Maybe it is planting vegetation, or turning off all the lights in your house. An act of green could be fixing a leaky pipe, unplugging all of your media for a day, riding your bike instead of driving.

The Wheat and Tares crew will be posting pictures right here of small acts we  and our families are doing to care for our planet today. Please join us; and let us know in the comments if you were part of those billion acts of green.

Mormon Heretic takes out the recycling bin:

ShenpaWarrior communes with the redwoods at a tree fort in his parents’ yard in Northern California:

Jeff Spector’s son and grandson doing their part for the environment:

Bored in Vernal rides her bike to work:

FireTag has new energy efficient windows installed and keeps his house shaded by not cutting down trees for a grassy front yard.