I updated the post with the actual results from GC.


Here are a few questions I had prior to tomorrow’s opening of General Conference.  They are pretty random. I had a few others, but I just limited it to ten and a bonus. Just for fun.

1.   Pretty Standard – How many new Temples will be announced and where?  We have come to expect at least one, usually more Temple announcements at General Conference. 3 were announced , all in North America. Two in the US and one in Canada.  Fort Collins, CO, Meridian, Idaho and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2.   Will BPK give another talk that will make people mad?  He appears to be in declining health, so will he be there at all? Yes, he was there. they had him in a tall chair at the podium. And yes, there are some who will be mad, but not like last time.

3.   Will classic phrases be used at this General Conference such as: “calling and election made sure” or “the dispensation of the fullness of times?” What others do you remember that you don’t hear much anymore? No, neither of those I suggested was utter, but as someone else mentioned, “Beloved Prophet” was probably the winner,

4.   How many times, or how many talks will use the word ‘Pornography?”  It appears to be a major problem in the Church and has been addressed a lot. Mentioned at least three or four times that I counted, no talk was specifically given on the subject.

5.   How many times will the talks refer to the “New Handbook?” Or how many will be about the new handbook? No talks, but it was mentioned twice that I counted.

6.   Will there be a native language speaker whose talk is translated into English for the rest of us?  It seemed odd that they do not allow those who speak a language other than English to give their talks in their language and let us be the ones who hear the translation. My answer, probably not, but I wish. No, of course not. But I only heard one Spanish speaker who kind of struggled with his English.

7.   Will there be a talk obliquely referencing “in-born tenancies” or other such phrase referring to homosexuality without saying it? Or will someone just say it? Not that I noticed. There was an oblique reference, but nothing like last October.

8.   How many talks will refer to the recent events in Japan and New Zealand? Japan was mentioned a lot, New Zealand, not mentioned, political troubles in the middle east got some airplay.

9.   Will any talks speak to the issue of how inactive the Church really is? And what to do about it? Two talks mentioned rescuing and plenty of missionary references.

10. Will there be any new policy announcements or changes in the way things are done today? I kind of doubt this since the “New Handbooks” just came out. Nope

Bonus Question: Will President Uchtdorf refer to flying in any of his talks this weekend? How can he not? YES, (Twice, which we both talks he gave) and even a mention of when he WAS going to talk about flying.

Any other question you have that you are hoping to get answered at this General Conference?