Everyone has feelings of failure for various reasons. Only an Elder is really about one set of them. All the bloggernacle threads about being “old” and unmarried are another set.  The common response give to those feelings is to rejoice.

I admit that this time of year, from December 26 through Valentines day I am haunted by my own feelings of failure. How can I look at myself in the mirror and not think of myself as a man who failed.  One after another three of my daughters died and there was nothing I could do that made a difference.  In my life otherwise, I’ve failed at gaining a real voice that matters in the large scheme of things.  My earlier essay on being heard is really about how I failed to make the next level and how others can avoid failures like mine.

What do you do when you have feelings of failure, how do you overcome them, what matters to you in your life that you succeeded in, and what makes a difference?  I know, I should finish the essay with a solution, but the solution I have is to ask our readers for their solutions instead.