There’s just 1 week until the LDS Film Festival.  I love to go.  Once again, there are too many films I would like to see, and not enough time off work.  To see the full schedule with descriptions, click here.  Here are the top 6 movies that sound interesting to me, in order of schedule.  I won’t be able to see them all.

Friday, Jan 28:
#1 at Noon: Life Lessons from Fathers of Faith| you’ll hear stories from or about: Thomas S. Monson, Gordon B. Hinckley, Jeffrey R. Holland, Greg Olsen, Jane Clayson Johnson, LaVell Edwards, Jake Garn, Orrin Hatch, and more.
#2 at 12:15 pm: Finding Moroni| Discover a hidden pyramid, ancient paintings of Christ in America, gold plates, and more astounding evidences of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon as shown to young filmmaker Dane Hurt.
#3 at 12:15 pm Stories from the Life of Porter Rockwell| The title says it all for me.
#4 at 1:45 pm, The Jets: Making It in America| The true story of the famous LDS family music group The Jets.


#5 at 10:30 am | Alex Boye: Backstage Pass|  the life story of British singer Alex Boye. Once a European pop star … his conversion to the LDS Church, the power of music, and the path that led him to being one of the most dynamic and influential members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

#6 – at 7:00 pm | Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates| I like Director Christian Vuissa and think this will be worth watching.

So, did I miss any?  Is anyone else going?  Please give your reviews–I can’t see them all!