Short reflections on Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and LDS leadership.

Former President Donald Trump, dob 6/14/1946, age 76

A few days ago, I watched Trump deliver a rambling two-hour speech at CPAC, the annual conservative speech-fest. He could hardly finish a sentence without veering off on a new topic. He recycles the same thoughts over and over. He complains about everything. He thinks everyone is out to get him.

Is 76 too old to run for president?

President Joe Biden, dob 11/20/1942, age 80

A few weeks ago, Pres. Biden stumbled on the stairs climbing up into Air Force One. It made the news.

A month ago, I watched Pres. Biden deliver the annual State of the Union address. Once in a while, he slurred a phrase or two (but at least he could finish a sentence). A report at The Hill commented, “The president could not complete a single written paragraph without slurring most of the punch line. It is sad, and worrisome.”

Is 80 too old to lead the country?

President Russell M. Nelson, dob 9/9/1924, age 98

President Dallin H. Oaks, dob 8/12/1932, age 90

President Henry J. Eyring, dob 5/31/1933, age 89

Lots of Americans are mildly appalled at the thought of a Biden-Trump presidential election rematch in 2024. They both just seem too old to run for US president, much less govern the country. They lack energy, sharpness, focus, and are possibly in cognitive decline, so the argument goes.

Donald Trump is 22 years younger than Pres. Nelson.

Pres. Biden is 18 years younger than Pres. Nelson.

Is 98 too old to lead the Church?