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Back when I kept a journal, it was a lot easier to find out what I was doing a year ago and if anything significant happened during the year. My journal-keeping fell by the wayside when I fell out of the Church. It turns out that was an obedience thing, not something I actually enjoyed doing, so out it went.

To the best of my recollection, here are the Church-related events from my life this year:

  1. Getting invited on as a perma-blogger at Wheat & Tares is hands down the biggest and best Church-related even for me this year. I’m thrilled to be here. My file of draft posts keeps getting longer. Writing has always been a way for me to process feelings and priorities. I love the community here and appreciate all the insights and comments.
  2. Baptist missionaries came to our door and my 16-year-old son told them we were agnostic.
  3. I had to sit down with my junior-high child and tell him that it’s wrong to harass his friends who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by calling them Mormons when they have specifically asked him not to call them Mormons. I have my issues with RNM banning the word “Mormon,” but if someone asks you not to call them something, you stop.
  4. I decided alcohol isn’t worth the effort. Did you know alcohol is carbonated? Blech. Apparently, I am hard-wired to obey the Word of Wisdom.
  5. I’m not angry as much anymore. Oh sure, if the Church does something heinous (that Arizona abuse case), I get angry about that. But the low-level fury at the Church has dissipated. I’ve accepted that I’m always going to be a cultural Mormon. Rather than trying to fight it, I’ll participate on my terms. I am happy to respond to my home teacher’s texts. I trade gardening tips with my visiting teacher. I turn down invitations to Church services and activities. It reminds me a lot of when I got divorced. For a few years, I was hurt and angry, but eventually I accepted that he’s going to be part of my life because we share children, and I can learn to adapt to that. It takes strong boundaries, and taking total responsibility for my self-worth, but it’s doable.
  6. I met a real-life friend who has also recently quit Church. We met up for several lunches and just talked. It was so great to talk face to face with someone who really understands how I feel.

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In connection with Church, what have been the most significant events or attitude shifts for you this year?