Today is the day, the 2022 midterm elections here in the United States. A lot of things will be decided today — and, in some close races, in coming days as mail-in votes continue to be tabulated. In this post maybe readers can chime in with their own voting experience:

  • Any voting irregularities you personally observed or that were reported by a person you know and trust who themselves observed some questionable event or practice?
  • Did you see any self-appointed “vote observers” wearing camo, displaying weapons, and generally trying to intimidate voters (while of course denying they are trying to intimidate voters)?
  • Did you see any law enforcement (the official kind, not thug militia types) present at or near polling places?

It’s strange to even write out those questions. How sad that US elections, under the rhetorical onslaught of US election deniers, have become such tense and even potentially violent affairs. I have great faith in the large majority of local election officials and volunteers. I have little trust in partisan political actors who make inflammatory statements, unsupported claims of fraud, and who otherwise try to insert themselves into the nuts and bolts (and results) of the election process.

This seems like a very consequential election, the results of which will play out immediately in the House (who has a majority? if the GOP has a majority, what new investigations and impeachments will be launched?), the Senate (which would hear any impeachment trials), and the 2024 presidential election. It’s not an exaggeration to say the 2024 presidential election starts tomorrow. Here are a few short-term questions:

  • Who wins the Utah race for US senator, Republican Mike Lee or Independent Evan McMullin?
  • Who wins the Georgia race for US senator, Republican Herschel Walker or incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock?
  • Who wins the Georgia race for governor, Republican incumbent Brian Kemp or Democrat Stacey Abrams?
  • Who wins the Pennsylvania race for US senator, Republican Mehmet Oz or Democrat John Fetterman?
  • Who will be the Speaker of the House after the election, current Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat challenger if Pelosi steps down, or Republican representative Kevin McCarthy? This carries great import, as the Speaker is third in line for the presidency and impeachment actions start in the House.

I’ll start. I voted early and in person at the local county building. It was about as exciting as checking out a library book. I hope everyone’s voting experience is as straightforward and uneventful as mine, albeit busier and with longer wait times for election day voters.