This though came to me from a Facebook group I’m on. The person talked about things that are probably not what the church claims, but are still good and worthwhile.

So what things can you add to this list? I’m not looking for a macro discussion of the Church as a whole, and if there is more good than bad in the church. I’m thinking about more individual items. Things a “Physically In, Mentally Out (PIMO) or nuanced member might cling to as justification for continued engagement.

For example, I’m convinced the Book of Mormon is not what the church claims. [1] But is it still “good and worthwhile” even without the history claims attached? Can it be read as a good book, with good teachings that will make a person better? On the other side of that coin, the Pearl of Great Price is obviously not what the church claims (or used to claim, the goal post keeps moving), and I see little good or worthwhile in that book (it was used as part of the justification for the priesthood ban).

What about the endowment ceremony? It is not what the church claims (ancient rituals handed down from the time of Adam). But is it worthwhile?

Priesthood Blessings and Prayers: Are that what is claimed? Studies show that people actually do better when they know people are praying for them.

What are your thought on this? What things do you see in the Church that while not as claimed, still have some good?

[1] I’ve mentioned before on this blog that when I was called as Bishop over 20 years ago, I was concered about my non-beleife in the historicity of the BoM. I reached out to a former mission companion who was at the time a Stake President. He told me that it is not a temple recommend question, and not to worry about it.