That idiot acquaintance of mine called again.

Did he apologize for the BYU/missions snark?

After all, as I’ve noted, except for Oaks, Nelson and Uchtdorf the leaders of the church all served missions. General Conference had BYU graduates talking at at a higher percentage than graduates are a percentage of church members.


Instead he parroted a recent anti-Mormon meme that the LDS church has been outed as a bunch of satanists.

Modern Satan

After all. Mormon=give Satan the victory. Giving Satan the victory=Satanist. Every president of the church until Nelson, and everyone who called him to the ministry used “Mormon.”

So. Conclusion. Nelson just admitted that the LDS Church was a hotbed of satanism until 2018.

Even though I’m not hiking right now (I’ll be back on trail later this week), I hung up.

What do you think?

Am I owed an apology about his BYU crack?

How silly is his satanic meme?

As silly as this:

Would a car warranty call have been preferable?