I love to play internet hunt games. My favorite right now is a map game called GeoGuessr. It uses the Street View of Google Maps, and randomly plops you down someplace in the world. You then have to guess where you are on a map, with points awarded for how close you are to the actual locations. You can move and look around like you normally can on Street View. As you move around you look for clues in the area, like street signs, businesses, what language is on the signs, what side of the road they are driving, etc.

I like to play to exactness, and get my guesses to a few feet. I open another screen, and google the business names, street signs, and then open another map to zero in on the location. Some may say this is cheating, but I enjoy it, and like figuring out exactly which street corner in Katowice Poland I’m on.

So I’ve got a puzzle for you this week that has a Mormon connection. This last week I was in Kauai, Hawaii for work. As I was eating breakfast outside Friday morning, this colorful gecko (see photo above and below) crawled up the wall next to me and watched me eat. It stayed several minutes just basking in the sun.

Your puzzle is this: What is the Mormon connection to this gecko?

Hints: It is NOT a salamander, and the connection has nothing to do with a white salamander. Also, it is not a connection a TBM will make as easily as the well read readers of this blog will.

I’ll reveal the answer in a few days if nobody guesses.