Shortly after same sex marriage was legalized in the Untied States, it had been rumored that an announcement like this was coming. The reasoning at the time was that this would stave off calls for the church to preform same sex marriages in the Temples.

What would be the reaction of the members to a letter like the above? Would this dash the hope of Young Women everywhere that dreamed of a Temple Wedding? Or would it be a relief for the Young Women that now could have the grand wedding of their dreams, having their father walk them down the aisle, little sisters being the flower girl, and non-member aunt attending?

What do you thing about Bishop’s and Stake Presidents no longer performing these weddings? Could you seed item 1 in the letter being implemented, but still letting local leaders perform the weddings, or would it be better for the church to get out the marriage business all together? What about using the building for marriage? Should it be banned, or is this a good way to keep the weeding somewhat church focused?

Your thoughts?