Somewhere far away from my
space, some others are touching.
They posture, they approach, they
take pains—heard by tilting lovers
of sound; seen by opening lovers
of light—urgent yet careful lovers.

I was always too careful to join.

Have you ever spent a whole school
dance waiting for a single chance?
Did you ache through every song,
watching others ably prance?
How many untaken chances
have I left outside my space?

I failed to contact and capture.

So, I try to be happy for others
and lift up their fortunate turns.
Today, others have reached
others. They have touched
others as I have watched. Today,
my heart aches in the sure way.
I sit by myself, hugging our idea.

Poet’s Notes:

I wrote the rough draft of this poem last weekend while watching the launch and docking of SpaceX’s first mission with humans aboard. As I watched two new crew members enter the International Space Station and hug their fellow explorers, I confess I was a bit jealous… and happy.

The featured image shows Crew Dragon spacecraft Endeavor approaching the ISS last Sunday, May 31st. Image credit: NASA.