Leadership roulette is a real thing, as demonstrated by the Utah Area Authority banning all online church meetings in his area, while the rest of the world enjoys “Zoom” meetings on Sunday. In my ward we have them about every 3 weeks. Last week we had a zoom testimony meeting, where anybody that want to bear their testimony would message the moderator, and she [1] would turn the microphone on at the appropriate time. It worked very well, and we had about 50 families join, which is about the same we would have at a normal testimony meeting.

The difference in leadership can be startling from ward to another and stake to stake, but it is nice when the wheel lands on red 34, and that happens to be where you put all your chips!

My daughter told me that they were called last week by the EQP, and asked if they needed financial help during this time. My daughter and her family have not been to church for over two years, and yet they were offered help. They later found out that the Stake President had instructed the bishops to contact every person in the stake, regardless of activity, and off to help them. They were instructed NOT to turn anybody down.

This has not happened in my stake, even though our stakes share a border. So one could assume this is not an area or church wide initiative, but a stake president that has made the decision to help as much as he can.

When I was bishop 15 years ago, I was instructed by my SP that I was to try to keep my welfare expenditures less than or equal to what the ward took in as fast offerings. As long as I was under that amount, the SP took a hands off approach, and never questioned my expenses. I was fortunate that I was always under, but another bishop told me that once he went over, the SP would look over every expenditure. Also, the stake was expected to keep its total outlay under what the stake fast offering income was.

It is obvious that the wards in my daughter’s stake will not be meeting these thresholds. I can see the stake’s total outlay to be several hundred thousand dollars per month over what they are taking in.

I applaud this Stake President for the initiative he has taken, and using some of the $100 billion the church has for a “rainy day fund”, which one could argue this constitutes a “rainy day”.

So, what do you thing about my daughter’s SP and what he is doing? I wonder if this SP heard about the $100 billion, and knows the church can cover all checks by 1000s of bishops world wide, and not use more than a few percent of the rainy day fund.

What have you seen/heard in your stake? Is the church reaching out and offering to help members financially? Have you been contacted?

[1] Maybe this is why they are so scared of zoom meeting. We had a woman (wife of the 1st counselor) as the moderator, controlling who spoke and when!)