Recently on a very orthodox online LDS Forum (so orthodox that my comments are usually removed), somebody posted about having church at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The title of his post was “At-home church is tough, but going back to normal church will be even tougher”. In the post he talks about what a struggle it is to get his family all ready for church, the callings, etc. He says that “Taking all that away has really been nice, and made Sundays a bit more pleasant for the family”

First thing I thought was, oh man, this post won’t last long, it will get moderated into outer darkness! But lo and behold, it didn’t, probably because of the 81 comments, almost all of them agreed with the guy! The few that disagreed were single people that longed for the companionship they got at church. One comment said “I haven’t had a bad Come Follow Me lesson all month, no one’s said anything racist or preached false doctrine over the pulpit….”

So what does this say for the church? Is there a problem when in the privacy of an anonymous internet forum 90% of the comments agreed, they like home church better? These are the same group that rejoiced from the rooftops when church was shortened to two hours.

Now this isn’t a good sample of members, because I believe these internet forums probably draw a higher than average population of introverts (yes, I’m looking at you dear reader). For introverts, not having to interact with people is a blessing.

But now lets get the the heart of this. What about the 10% of comments that miss church? Like the single sister that says she misses her ward family, misses being greeted and hugged by them, misses hearing all their perspectives on lessons and talks. Do we go to church for the least of these?

Is church really unnecessary for most, but is required of all so that the few that need it can be edified? Or could the LDS church change it’s meeting format to make it more engaging for everybody, while keeping the companionship for the few that desperately need it?