In Chile in the mid 1970’s, there was not a lot of LDS church buildings. There was only two in my entire mission, with a third built just before I finished. They were all in the Concepcion area. This of course meant that baptisms were mostly conducted in makeshift fonts, rivers or even the ocean.

I remember one such font in Osorno. It was built by the members and a few missionaries, and resembled a small above ground pool. It had a wooden frame, and then a thin sheet metal interior that was soldered at the seams. There was holes in it, and we had to conduct the baptisms quickly before the water got too low to properly dunk the new member. I later learned from my fluid dynamics class in collage that the water streams shooting out the side of this font perfectly demonstrated water pressure vs depth.

In Talca the members had made a cement font in the courtyard of the building we used for a church. To heat the water, we got a hold of an old car radiator. We connected the radiator to a faucet, and then the output was directed to the font. Then a fire was built around the radiator. I kind of worked!

The most memorable place we conducted baptisms was in Coronel, at the Piscina de Las Monjas (Nun’s Pool). The rocks on the beach formed some waist deep pools of water, that were perfect for baptism, and evidently bathing if you were a nun! I baptized nine people in these pools. Besides the shear beauty of the place, it was also special, as I was baptized as an eight year old in the ocean in Laie Hawaii.

Me, just after the baptism

What are some of the unique places you have seen a baptism conducted? Are they more special when they are outside in nature (river, ocean) than in a LDS church building?