This past weekend, there were two protest testimonies posted on Youtube.  Both testimonies were filmed, and both people claimed to be visitors.  In the first, a man proclaims admiration for Sam Young.  Sam is the guy who went on a hunger strike protesting sexually explicitly Bishop’s interviews with minors.  He has a church court next week, and will likely be excommunicated.  (He wrote his last testimony on his blog, but didn’t film it–at least that we are aware of.)  Anyway, both videos are pretty short.

In the second video, McKenna Denson bore her testimony in Joseph Bishop’s ward, proclaiming that a sexual predator lived among them.  McKenna has a lawsuit that was dismissed claiming Bishop sexually molested/raped her in the Missionary Training Center in the 1980s while he was serving as MTC president.  (Her lawsuit against the LDS Church is pending.)  She didn’t leave the stand willingly, and some have speculated she had her own microphone for the video.

Do you think such protests are appropriate in Fast & Testimony meeting?  Do you support Sam and McKenna?  What would you do in their shoes?  Share your thoughts with us!