Is everything that comes out of a church leader’s mouth special and inspired? Of course not, and they will be the first to tell you.  But we always hear members say what an inspired change some leader made, or what an inspired program that is.

For example, building small temples, lowering missionary age to 18, combining HP and Elders, all inspired changes.  Changing mission length in the 1980’s from 24 to 18 month, inspired, until two years later when it was no longer such a great idea, and the length was moved back to 24 months.

When a Mission President moves sister missionaries to remote islands in the Caribbean so that it is easier for him to do inappropriate things to them, it is obviously not inspired.  Yet a senior missionary, writing a blog at the time, said the move was inspired.   Now obviously in hind sight even this missionary will say today it was not inspired.  But why did he write in his blog that it was inspired? Was it just a knee jerk reaction that everything the MP does is inspired?  Or did this missionary really get a spiritual confirmation that it was inspired and if so where did the confirmation come from?

I’m going to make an educated guess that this senior missionary was just doing what most members do; assume everything that a MP says is inspired.  There was no spiritual confirmation that moving the sister missionaries to these islands was what the Lord wanted. There was no warm and fuzzy feelings.  It was an automatic response.

I knew a Stake President once that refused to call former bishops to the high council. He said they were all “yes men” and always agreed with everything he said. So he called men that would give their honest opinions, and challenge him on his decisions.  This is not the norm. My own father was released as a high councilman because he was not a yes man.

Why do you think members of the church use the “inspired” word so much? What is the danger of having this automatic response that everything is inspired? What I have seen as the result is that nothing is ever questioned, and evil people get away with horrific acts.  On a lesser scale, uninformed people get away with stupid programs, tithing money is wasted, and people are taken away from their families for senseless meetings.

What have you seen as the downside of this “inspired” mentality?