After a short break with Greg Prince, we return to our conversation with Anne Wilde.  I didn’t know about some of the rivalries among polygamist groups, and didn’t realize several things among some of the polygamist groups.  (Learn more about the two groups here.)

  1. The FLDS Church didn’t “start” until 1986 (or at least didn’t get that name until then.)
  2. Centennial Park and FLDS were once the same group.
  3. FLDS probably have more antipathy of Centennial Park than even LDS.

Did you know that?  I know that FLDS, once the largest polygamy group is a shadow of its former self.

GT:  Do you think it’s one half of what it used to be?

Anne:  I couldn’t even begin to tell you.  I did read an article in the paper.  They interviewed one of the former members of Warren Jeffs group and she said that she felt there were more members ex-FLDS than there were followers of Warren Jeffs or FLDS.

GT:  Have they joined with other groups like Centennial Park?

Anne:  No.  Oh no, they will not join the Centennial Park, unless it’s a very rare occasion.  Centennial Park has been there to help their teenagers.  They’ve offered their homes, opened them up if they needed a place to stay, but to followers of Warren, that’s the enemy because they broke away from, in their idea, from their priesthood so they don’t have priesthood.  They are apostates.  They consider Centennial Park, “the enemy”, whereas Centennial Park has opened up their homes if they would take advantage of it.

But the strangest rivalry of all involves Ervil LeBaron.  LeBaron’s group didn’t initially begin with polygamy, although it later added that.  Ervil was responsible of the deaths not only of his own brother, but other leaders such as the Apostolic United Brethren’s Rulon Allred.

Anne:  He is responsible for killing or the death of about 20 people, and I know that because I knew some of them.  Ogden[1] was introduced to him one time under a fictitious name and so we went out to a meeting and thought this was this guy’s name, Stilson, and lo and behold shortly after that we saw a picture, “Wanted: Ervil LeBaron” but was a picture of this guy that we had met.  He even stayed in my home under that other name.  Then when I found out who he was, I was a little concerned, but fortunately I didn’t know who he was at the time he stayed in my home.

[1] Anne was the second wife of polygamist Ogden Kraut.

Anne talks more about Ervil, as well as some of the smaller groups, and independent polygamists.  Were you aware of all these groups?  What do you make of their claims of authority?