As bishop you have had a hard month. Lots of problems, meetings, etc. that took you away from your wife and young family.  Last Friday you had a date night planned with your wife, had a babysitter lined up and at the last second had to cancel due to bishop duties.  Your wife was understandably upset, but did not complain.  When you got home late Friday night you promised her that next Friday would be hers.

You arrange for your mother to watch the kids, and everything is going to be great.  Your wife is just getting in the car, and you are walking around the car when you hear the phone ring. You both look at each other, and you stop walking.  Your wife gives you that look.

You are the bishop, what do you do?

  1. Go back in the house and answer the phone, knowing that it could be something that might take you away from your planned date
  2. Ignore the phone
  3. Tell your wife you are going to answer the phone, but will not commit to anything that would stop your date


This very scenario was presented by a GA during a Bishop training meeting I attended. He said it really happened to a bishop he knew.  I will post his answer in the comments in a few days.