This story will probably be somewhat familiar to many of you.Georgia_Atlanta_North_Mission

I have 4 sons. Our youngest, who just turned 19 received his mission call the other day.  He will be the only one to serve a mission in our family. My other 3 sons, who grew up saying they would had lost interest in the Church by this age and were on to “other” things.

My son took 2 years of American Sign Language (ASL) in high school. In addition, this past year went to class on Saturdays to learn Korean.  He stated on his missionary application that he was willing to learn a new language and go foreign.

I know what you’re thinking.  Means nothing. Usually.  Though most of the young men in our Ward who took Spanish, went to Spanish-speaking countries or Spanish-speaking missions in the US. All the ones we know who studied Japanese went to Japan.

So, we fully expected and/or fully hoped he would serve somewhere foreign. Maybe Ireland, where his Mom’s family is from.  Maybe Ukraine where most of my family is from.  Maybe even South Korea. Or, an ASL mission. Surely, there was always a need for that skill. Or, definitely somewhere where his Mom and I could travel to pick him up!

He went on Facebook and asked for guesses, which were willingly offered and represented many parts of the world and the US.  We even considered Boise. (Think RM).

So, this past Monday, the letter came and it was time to find out where he would go.  So, in the company of his older brother’s family, another great family from our Ward, his parents and Facebook Live, he opened the letter:

Brother Spector, you are called to serve in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission in the English language.

What???!!! Actually, one friend had guessed Atlanta. But, it did come as a shock to most of us.  But, it is very exciting.  We are so thrilled to have our son serve.  He leaves for the MTC on Aug 30th.  We told him, gee, you will get to learn another language, Southern! And you might come back with an ascent.

One thing we noticed since his call, we see and hear about Atlanta all the time now, whenever we turn on the TV.  It’s bizarre.

Now, let’s hear some good stories about mission calls.