Today’s guest post is from Bishop Bill.

Image result for personal revelationI just finished listening to John Dehlin’s latest Mormon Stories Podcast.  The podcast is an interview with a couple that left the church over LGBT issues, and their meeting with Elder D. Todd Christofferson.   There were lots of interesting items that came up with the meeting with the Apostle, but the one that really jumped out to me was Elder Christofferson saying that personal revelation trumps doctrine. He even gave an example from the scriptures to back it up, using Nephi killing Laban (doctrine = do not kill, personal revelation = kill Laban).

He then said he could not share that with the general membership, as the church is a church of order.

I know this is second hand information, that the couple meeting with Elder Christofferson may have misheard him, or they may just be making it up.  But let’s move that aside, and assume that Elder Christofferson really said that, and really believes it.  What does this mean for the gospel if indeed personal revelation rules supreme?

I don’t think it changes the gospel much, but what is the repercussion to the earthly church?

  • How could the church function if this was taught to the membership during General Conference?
  • Do the Apostles believe this?