A few weeks ago in priesthood meeting, there was a discussion about the pioneers, and someone asked why the pioneers left so late in the year.  Mormon Heretic did a post on the movie 17 Miracles, and it seems Brigham Young blamed the disaster on apostle Franklin D. Richards.  While there was plenty of heroism to save the Willie and Martin Handcart companies, the whole disaster could have been avoided if the leaders had been more open to Levi Savage’s admonition that they should not leave, rather than Richard’s “promise” that God would protect them.  Gratefully the saints learned from the disaster and no further lives were lost due to leaving too late in the season.  It’s sad that so many perished.

My son is going on trek this year.  I know that last year an Arkansas woman in Oklahoma died from heat stroke during a re-enactment of trek.  In our fireside, a nurse indicated she and her husband would be there and admonished everyone to drink lots of water.  Is this really a good idea?  While I understand the desire to build faith, and I admire the pioneers, I wonder whether we are sending the wrong message to our youth.  What do you think?