My wife and I went to California for vacation several years ago.  We had two children, both under 4 years old.  My wife wanted to attend an LDS ward, so we just decided to drive around until we ran into a Mormon chapel.  We figured church would start at 11 AM, found a church around 10:40 AM, and sat in the back.  The ward was very friendly, and several people approached us asking who we were.  We discovered that it was a Spanish ward, and asked if we spoke Spanish.  We don’t.  Missionaries and several ward members asked if we wanted a translator, but we declined.  We figured we would just stay long enough to take the sacrament and then leave.  The funny thing is I don’t think my children even noticed that the meeting was in Spanish!  Have you ever attended church when you couldn’t understand the language?  (I’m sure this is the case with many missionaries, but I’m talking non-mission experiences here, although all experiences are welcome, especially if they are unusual.)  What was your experience?