I’ve received a few texts like these lately.

Do we really need security at RS meetings?

We are looking for two priesthood holders to be at the church during the RS activity tonight 6:30-8:30 pm.  Please let me know ASAP if you can be there.

I joked that if women held the priesthood, there would be no need for the men to be there.

I decided to come.  I sat in the foyer and did some stuff on my laptop (pay bills, organize, etc) while the activity was going.  The RS pres remarked that she was sorry we had to be there–it didn’t used to be that way, and that this was a relatively new thing.  I asked if she knew the reason.  Another woman remarked that there *might* have been assaults at other RS activities, and the men were needed for “security”, not priesthood.  Is this true?  Have you heard of women being assaulted at RS activities where no men were present?  Is this a man thing, or a priesthood thing?