Hawkgrrrl recently discussed her 10 most Hated Hymns that she would like removed from the LDS Hymns.  Let’s go in a different direction.  What are some songs that you would like added to the hymnbook?

I’ve often wondered why Amazing Grace isn’t in the LDS hymnbook, and I remember a movie (Memphis Belle) that had a beautiful rendition of both Amazing Grace, as well as O Danny Boy (as they land the plane miraculously.)  I attended a ward where someone played Tears from Heaven by Eric Clapton.  It was truly a moving experience, and someone has added President George Bush’s statements following the Sept 11 attacks to the song.

I also think of a few songs by Sarah McLaughlin, I Will Remember You, and In the Arms of the Angels sometimes bring me to tears.  Enter your favorite songs below, and feel free to include personal favorites from the hymnbook as well.