Come to think of it, this seems kind of strange…..

A temple worker told me an interesting story.  Apparently there is a veil waiting room where workers wait for the endowment to conclude.  Male and female temple workers are segregated, with an attached doorway.  As the endowment session concludes, female temple workers enter the men’s veil waiting room in order to enter the endowment room for the presentation at the veil, and men would often stand when the women entered the men’s veil waiting room.  However, this ritual of men standing when women entered the room made the women feel uncomfortable.  They told the temple president, and the temple president told the men to remain seated when women enter the room.  One man said that the new practice felt strange because he had always been taught to stand when a woman enters the room as a sign of respect.

According to Modern Gentlemen,

Does the modern gentleman still stand for a lady when she enters the room? It is a custom that is seldom followed these days, but some gentlemen do still do it. I can see why it is not widely adopted….

Do you always stand when a woman enters the room as a sign of respect?