A friend wrote this on Facebook a few days ago…..

It has been several years since I’ve attended a funeral in an LDS chapel. Today was the funeral of jr high/high school friend and classmate. I was disheartened to see both teens and adults texting and browsing social media sites on their phones during this funeral. A row of teens took a selfie. A selfie! At my friend’s funeral!I was shocked. Granted, I was in the ‘overflow’ section (way in the back) so very few people saw them, but still, where’s the respect?! I wondered, ‘Is this what we do now? Faces buried in phones is now considered acceptable at a funeral?’

While thinking about this, the voice of my bestie came to my mind from a different dimension.  She said, in my paraphrasing, ‘At least they’re there. They are there paying their respects. It doesn’t have to look like you think it should. You can’t expect teenagers to know how they’re supposed to act at a funeral. They’re just being who they know how to be: teenagers. And the adults, maybe they just can’t deal with their grief so they’re reaching out to a friend or loved one who couldn’t be there. (I did notice the woman who texting the most was wiping tears). You don’t know their circumstances. What’s important is – they showed up. That’s all that matters.’ I like that viewpoint better. Rest in peace, my friend.