I mentioned in a post back in August 2013 that there could be up to 3 new temple movies coming out.  The Deseret News is reporting that the 3rd movie was finally released this week to give variety to temple attendees.

The temple teaches in symbols.  I overheard two temple workers in the lunchroom discussing one of the new films.  One asked if the other had noticed the butterfly portrayed in the temple film, and noted that it was a Monarch butterfly.  Confident in his own opinion, he asked why a Monarch butterfly was used instead of another.  This reminded me of a conversation I had with a co-worker in which my co-worker asked me to name 2 species of butterfly.  I couldn’t–Monarch was the only one I knew.

Anyway, the confident temple worker said that “Monarch” represents royalty.  We are to become kings and queens, so the Monarch butterfly is symbolic of what we will become: royalty.  Having recently attended the Salt Lake Temple which does not use films, but rather live actors, there was no butterfly in the Salt Lake Temple presentation (and I wonder if it is hidden on the murals there–does anyone know?)  It makes me wonder if this butterfly is really significant, or if this is just some random artifact that this man decided was important.

In another post, a temple sealer noticed that the carpet in the sealing room and celestial room was different than the endowment room.  Some of you thought this was a ridiculous observation.  He thought it signified difference between Before/In the Presence of God.  Are these observations important, or superficial?  What are we supposed to learn in the temple?

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If you answered “Superficial”, what are some important ideas from temple symbolism that are important for patrons to know?