Here are a few highlights from this weekend’s General Conference as told in GIFs.

The answer to “Are we going to be announcing new temples this session?”
Hearing Sis. Reeves use Primary Voice to talk about pornography
What my conservative friends and family thought when E. Holland vaguely trashed strawman liberals
What feminists thought when E. Callister was released from the 70 . . .
. . . And then called as Sunday School President
How parents of wayward children felt at Pres. Eyring’s hopeful remarks
When I discovered there are both an E. Zivic and E. Zwick
Simpsons OMG
How I thought E. Zwick’s story about driving a semi with no car seat or seat belts was going to end
Hearing new speakers with cool foreign accents
Eating Chips in Bed
Now that the Priesthood session is broadcast to our living rooms
When E. Zwick said “There exists today a great need for men and women to cultivate respect for each other across wide distances of belief and behavior”
LDS scholars after hearing E. Bednar testify that Jesus was born on April 6
Reading my twitter feed to see what happened at the Ordain Women event
Women still left on the outside looking in at the Priesthood session
The kindly woman named Kim who had to turn away OW participants at the Priesthood session
Me reading people’s FB pages crowing over the “wayward feminists” after the Ordain Women event
Trying to figure out how women are priestesses but will never be ordained because motherhood
Today Sucks
Some feminists in the aftermath of the second Ordain Women event
Listening to E. Andersen’s comments about traditional marriage and against marriage equality
Watching Pres. Packer take the stand, with concern for his health
The Highest of Fives
When Pres. Uchtdorf gave progressives hope by saying “The restoration is still in progress, and the exciting events of today are part of that process.”
Me, finding my daughter’s general conference activity packet several hours after the last session ended.