Voting for the 2013 Wheaties/Tareific awards concluded a week ago. You can see the complete results on the voting post. In this post, I’ll supply two other bits of information that I hope you’ll find interesting. First, I’ll list winners from previous years along with winners for this year in each category. Second, I’ll look at voting across two questions at a time, to see if people who voted one way on one question were more prone to vote a particular way on another question.

Winners from Previous Years

Bloggernacle awards have been held since 2005, but by different blogs, and with a one interruption. Here is a list of where they were hosted each year, along with a link where available:

2005: Bloggernacle Times (no longer online)
2006: LDS Niblets (link; see also here for some graphs)
2007: Trash Calls (blog now viewable by invitation only)
2008: Mormon Matters (link)
2009: Mormon Matters (link)
2010: Bloggernacle Times (no longer online)
2011: none
2012: Wheat and Tares (link; see also here for some graphs)

So, let’s look at the results. I’m sorry that so many are no longer online so you can’t check them.

Best Big Blog

2013: Feminist Mormon Housewives
2012: Feminist Mormon Housewives
2010: By Common Consent
2009: By Common Consent
2008: By Common Consent
2007: By Common Consent
2006: By Common Consent
2005: By Common Consent / Times and Seasons

Wow! I guess fMh was serious about breaking BCC’s stranglehold on this category.

Best Group Blog

2013: Rational Faiths
2012: Doves and Serpents
2009: Segullah
2008: Segullah
2007: Zelophehad’s Daughters (best small blog)
2006: Zelophehad’s Daughters
2005: Nine Moons

Best Apologetic Blog

2013: Mormon Interpreter
(This is a new category.)

Best New Blog

2013: Aspiring Mormon Women
2012: Peculiar People
2009: Sistas in Zion
2008: Keepapitchinin
2007: Juvenile Instructor / Mormon Matters
2006: Mormon Mentality
2005: Snarkernacle

Best Solo Blog

2013: Keepapitchinin, by Ardis Parshall
2012: Keepapitchinin
2009: Keepapitchinin
2008: Keepapitchinin
2007: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry (most votes of any solo blog for best small blog)
2006: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry
2005: Dave’s Mormon Inquiry

Ardis has this category locked down!

Best New Blogger

2013: Mike C., Zelophehad’s Daughters
(This is a new category.)

Best Layout/Graphics

2013: Rational Faiths
2012: fMh (redesign)
2009: Times and Seasons
2008: My Regis Blog / Nine Moons

Best Overall Blogger

2013: Winterbuzz
2012: Hawkgrrrl
2010: Ardis Parshall
2009: Tracy M
2008: Ardis Parshall
2007: Kevin Barney
2006: Wilfried Decoo
2005: Wilfried Decoo

It has been said that the Bloggernacle is male dominated, but here’s at least one data point that says women are doing okay. The last five winners of best blogger are women.

Best Commenter

2013: Hawkgrrrl
2012: Hawkgrrrl
2010: MikeInWeHo
2009: MikeInWeHo
2008: Ray
2007: Julie M. Smith
2006: gst
2005: annegb

Hawkgrrrl wins back to back! From the number of comments she made that were in my funniest comments of the year post, this seems well deserved based on humor alone, even if she had never said anything else.

Funniest Thread

2013: The Expert Textpert, “The Ordain Women October 5th Action as told in GIFS” (Expert Texperts)
2012: Ziff, “Nacle Notebook 2012: Funny Comments” (ZD)
2009: Karen H., “Come, Ye Poets of the Bloggernacle” (BCC)

Best Post Title

2013: Tracy M, “Date Me, NOT My Uterus” (BCC)
2012: Cynthia L., “Exactly 1000 words on pants” (BCC)
2009: Kaimi, “How Wide the Divide . . . and can we ever Bridget?” (T&S)
2008: Kris Wright, “I Was Naked and Ye Shot Me” (BCC, nominated as a write-in)

Best Humorous Post

2013: Joanna, “Now that it’s legal! . . . Wedding Tips for our LGBT Friends” (fMh)
2012: Matt Page, “John McNaughton’s Idea Journal” (BCC)
2010: Matt Page, “Moroni Vuvuzela” (BCC)
2009: BCC, “Police Beat Roundtable #14-19″
2008: TAMN, “The Down-There Doc” (Seriously So Blessed) / BCC: “Police Beat Roundtable #10″

It’s good to see that the Police Beat Roundtable has recently been resurrected, hopefully to compete again in the coming year for funniest post.

Best Satirical Post

2013: Bro. Jake, “Brother Jake: Mormons are Not Sexist” (W&T)
(This is a new category.)

Best Historical Post

2013: Russell Stevenson, “Black Mormon, the Story of Elijah Ables” (Rational Faiths)
2012: Rock Waterman, “Are We Paying Too Much Tithing?” (Pure Mormonism)
2010: Brad Kramer and Daymon Smith, “Correlation” (BCC)
2009: John Hamer, “The Milk Strippings Story” (BCC)
2008: Ardis Parshall, “Codes and Cyphers in Mormon History” (Keepapitchinin)

Best Post Series

2013: Heather, “Equality Is Not a Feeling” (D&S)
(This is a new category.)

Best Poetry Post

2013: Brad, “Governor Grinch” (BCC)
(This is a new category.)

Best Apologetic Post

2013: Mike Barker, “A Survery and Critique of the Different Resurrection Hypothesis” (Rational Faiths)
(This is a new category.)

Best Spiritual Post

2013: Kristine Haglund, “Bound Hand and Foot with Graveclothes” (BCC)
2012: Jacob Baker, “All Eternity Shakes: Mormonism’s Weeping God” (BCC)
2009: JA Benson, “Tears in Heaven” (Millennial Star)
2008: Kristine, “When Saw We Thee an Awkward Preteen?” (BCC) / Russell Arben Fox, “Auld Lang Sin” (BCC)

Best Doctrinal Post

2013: Ifrit, “No Offense” (fMh)
2012: Rock Waterman, “Are We Paying Too Much Tithing?” (Pure Mormonism)
2010: Ardis Parshall, “Scriptural Literalism” (Keepapitchinin)
2009: Brad Kramer, “There is an end to Race” (BCC)
2008: AdamF, “‘Never Lead Us Astray.’ And Dissonance” (Mormon Matters) / Julie M. Smith, “Is There Another Approach?” (T&S)
2007: Kristine, “Why I Liked President Beck’s Talk (Mostly)” (BCC) (best post)

Best Post on Church Policy

2013: Kam, “This Must Stop: A Call to End Sexually Invasive Interviews” (D&S)
(This is a new category.)

Best Personal Post

2013: fMhLisa, “When you ask for bread and receive a stone. Forgiving Our Leaders and Finding Ourselves” (fMh)
2012: Kristine, “To See Face to Face” (BCC)
2009: Tracy M., “A Study in Contrasts: The Dole” (BCC)
2006: Ardis Parshall, “Dressing the Dead” (T&S) (Won for best post)
2005: Wilfried Decoo, “Coffee” (T&S) (Won for best post)

Best Faith Crisis Post

2013: Michael Barker, “25 Things You’re Doing Wrong” (Rational Faiths)
(This is a new category.)

Best Current Events Post

2013: George Handley, LDS Earth Stewardship: “An Appeal to Those Concerned But Not Yet Alarmed by Climate Change” (LDS Earth Stewardship)
2012: fmhLisa, “On Nastiness: Why Nice Mormons Can be so very very mean about pants” (fMh)
2010: Stephanie, “Fascinating Womanhood” (fMh) (voted best political post) / John C.: “LDS Gospel Teaching” (BCC) (voted best post on contemporary Mormonism)
2009: Brad Kramer, “Captain Moroni is not a man of God” (BCC)
2008: TAMN, “TAMNers Goes to Washington” (Seriously So Blessed)

Best Commentary/Response to the Race and the Priesthood Release

2013: Paul Barker, “Pulling the Race Band-Aid Off” (Rational Faiths)
(This is a one-time category.)

Best Book/Article Review

2013: Edward Jones, “Satan’s Plan 2.0: Deseret Book Edition” (Book: Wendy Watson Nelson’s “Not Even Once Club”) (Rational Faiths)
2012: Juvenile Instructor’s series on Turner’s biography of Brigham Young
2009: Amri Brown, “Review: The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance” (BCC)

Best Contribution to Interfaith Dialogue

2013: Jana Riess, The Twible
2012: Joanna Brooks
2009: Bridget Jack Meyers at Clobberblog
2008: Bridget Jack Meyers (voted “Nicest ‘Evil Villain’”)

Best Mormon Facebook Community or Discussion Forum

2013: exMormon reddit
2012: Feminist Mormon Housewives Society

Best Mormon Activism

2013: Ordain Women
2012: All Enlisted, Wear Pants to Church Day (won Wheaties write-in)

Best Podcast

2013: Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast
2012: Mormon Stories
2006: Mormon Stories (won write-in category)

Best Humorous Blog

2013: Just Say Amen Already
2012: As Sistas in Zion
2009: My Regis Blog

Wheaties Write-in

2013: Ziff, Commissioner of the Bloggernacle
2012: Best Social Activism – All Enlisted – Wear Pants to Church Day
2010: BCC Zeitcast
2009: Best community: fMh
2008: Best sideblog: BCC
2007: Best controversies: Mormon grad students on welfare (Devyn S. at Mormon Mentality) / Waldorf style nursery (Artemis at fMh)
2006: Best podcast: Mormon Stories

Given that all of 26 people voted for me, I guess I’ll restrain my impulse to go out and get a “Commissioner of the Bloggernacle” badge made. 🙂

Worst Mormon Internet Drama

2013: Daniel Peterson’s ongoing drama over Mormon liberals, John Dehlin, and his totally unrelated career change
2012: Pantspocalypse

Biggest Soapbox Commenter

2013: Donnette Moore (aka Elizabeth Johnston) and various sock puppets on Let Women Pray and other Mormon Feminist sites.
2012: Nick Literski

Most Missed Personality

2013: FireTag
2012: Steve Evans
2006: Kristine
2005: Steve Evans

Worst Mormon Activism

2013: Sheri Dew’s book on Women & the Priesthood right after women were denied entrance to the Priesthood Session
(This is a new category.)

Worst Comment

2013: Jettboy, on gay marriage: “Hopefully Utah Mormons, if no one else, will become far less tolerant of gays and those who support them in the Church…” (at T&S)
(This is a new category.)

Tareific Write-in

2013: Worst Post/Youtube video about Modesty: Jessica Rey
2012: Worst Comments: Facebook comments on the Pants page

Voting by Pairs of Questions

In US Presidential elections, I think it’s interesting to see voters’ preference for one candidate crossed with their votes for other offices or on other issues. (I’m sure this type of polling is done in other countries too; I’m just familiar with the US). For example, maybe voters for Romney were more or less likely to vote for some ballot initiative than voters for Obama. A lot of times it just splits down party lines, but sometimes the combinations can turn up surprising results.

In the Wheaties, the big vote is for the best big blog. It generates the most argument, and it’s typically the most voted-on question. So I looked at people’s responses to the other questions crossed with their responses to the best big blog question to see if anything interesting turned up.

I limited myself to looking only at questions that drew at least 150 votes. Note, though, that the voting tool allowed for multiple votes from an IP address, so I counted the 150 (and made the graphs below) after excluding any duplicate votes from the same IP address. (There weren’t many.) I also included in the graphs only voters who had voted on both questions. For example, if someone voted for best big blog but not for best group blog, their vote isn’t represented in the first graph below.

Here are the results for best big blog crossed with best group blog. The blue bar for each option for best group blog tells how many people voted for that blog as best group blog and for fMh as best big blog. The red bar tells how many people voted for that blog as best group blog and BCC as best big blog. It sounds more complicated than it looks, I think. If you look at the graph I suspect it will make sense. Note that the bar colors mean the same thing in all the graphs.

group blog - big blog

Rational Faiths, the Exponent, and D&S got noticeably more votes from fMh supporters than from BCC supporters. T&S and Juvenile Instructor got noticeably more votes from BCC supporters than from fMh supporters.

Here’s the graph for best big blog and best new blog.

new blog - big blog

It looks like fMh supporters preferred No More Strangers slightly to the other two blogs, but BCC supporters liked them all equally.

Here’s the graph for best big blog and best overall blogger:

blogger - big blog

No surprises here. Winterbuzz of fMh was preferred by fMh supporters. Angela C and Rebecca J of BCC were preferred by BCC supporters. Heather and April also got more votes from fMh than BCC supporters. The result for Heather is consistent with the result for D&S in the first graph, which shows that it got more votes from fMh supporters.

Here is the graph for best big blog and best post title.

post title - big blog

Tracy M got more votes from BCC supporters. Ziff, Paul Barker, and Leah Marie got more votes from fMh supporters.

Here is the graph for best big blog and funniest post.

funniest post - big blog

This was a total party line vote, as Joanna of fMh drew a ton of votes from fMh supporters, and very little from BCC supporters. Interestingly, although the next two posts in the list both appeared at Rational Faiths, they had virtually opposite patterns of support.

Here is the graph for best big blog and best online community.

community - big blog

Another party line vote: fMh supporters like the fMh Facebook group. (Note that although the ex-Mormon reddit won in the voting, many of its votes do not appear in this graph because voters who voted for it failed to cast a vote for best big blog.)

Finally, here’s the graph for best big blog and best activism.

activism - big blog

“Best activism” was really a category tailor-made for fMh supporters, as a majority of the options were feminism-related. Interestingly though, the fMh supporters’ vote was, rather than being more scattered than the BCC supporters’ vote, actually more concentrated. The fMh supporters really pushed Ordain Women to the win, whereas the BCC supporters voted nearly equally for the first three options.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks to everyone who voted! And thanks to everyone who wrote such great stuff! I love that the nomination process brings up so many wonderful, funny, interesting, touching things that were written in the previous year.