jodyYou may remember I posted this story, The Latest Mormon Moment: Travis Alexander Murder Trial back on March 1st. I anticipated that it would be over in a few weeks. Well, it is still going on. However, the jury reached a verdict and found Jody Arias Guilty of 1st degree murder just this week. The jury made their decision in 15 hours.

The next phase of the trial involve whether she gets the death penalty or not. That was supposed to start yesterday. However, Jody, always the master manipulator, declared in a TV interview that she rather be dead sooner than later than spending the rest of her life in jail, she is no on suicide watch.

The Church and its teaching, particularly on chastity still had a role to in the trial, being brought up frequently. And how Travis, and Jody, for that matter, were not living the law.

At any rate, this latest Mormon Moment is still in the moment………