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I participated in temple sealing recently.  For those not familiar with a “Sealing” ordinance, Mormons believe that we can be bound to our spouses and families for not only this life, but the next life as well.  I participated in an early morning session and there was just one sister there, so she had to participate in all of the sealing ordinances.  Because of so much kneeling, sometimes we take a break to allow people to stand.

During one of these breaks, the Sealer paused and noted something interesting.  He said that during the endowment ceremony, we covenant “before God”, but in the sealing ordinance we are sealed “in the presence of God.”  He noted that the carpet in the sealing room is the same carpet that is behind the veil in the endowment room.  In front of the veil is a different type of carpet.  So, before we go through the veil, we are not in the presence of God.  But in the sealing room and after we pass through the veil, we are in the presence of God.  I thought it was an interesting perspective.  What are your thoughts?