ADDITION (10/25/2011): This post was written when I actually did retire the “If I Were In Charge” Series.  Like that of many sports figures,the “retirement” didn’t last long.  The series is now alive.  For an ongoing list of posts in the series, please see the Overview & Topical Guide.  For a list of my other posts, see Mike S.


I am retiring the “If I Were In Charge” series.  It’s not for a lack of ideas, as there are topics for at least another couple of dozen of posts.  It’s also not for a lack of popularity.  The post on garments is the most popular post ever on this site, and 8 of the top 13 posts in the last quarter are from the series.  So why retire it?

It seems to have lost what I intended for it to do and the concept is being diluted more than I’d like.  Perhaps because of the popularity of the series, posts have cropped up with titles like “If I were in charge: Reporting Sex Crimes” (subsequently changed to “Reporting Sex Crimes” for being too derivative).  Other titles include “If I Were Giving Away Books…” or “So, if I were doing the Sunday School curriculum…”  So the whole idea of “If I Were…” has lost it’s meaning.  It’s like all of the Nirvana-esque bands that cropped up in Seattle after they started a new style of music.

The original concept was about changing non-doctrinal things that were perhaps offending current members or causing non-members to not have any interest in the Church.  I must not have made this clear enough, so I’ve gone back and retitled the whole series “Sacred Molehills“.  These are little things that are molehills to some people, but mountains to others.  And for many members, these minor and trivial things are “sacred”, even though non-doctrinal. Hopefully, by retitling the series, it will refocus things.  And anyone else can go ahead and use the “If I were…” idea however they want.

So, there will be no more posts in the “If I Were…” series, at least from me.  Perhaps we’ll get to some of the remaining ideas in the future.  For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my summer with my family.  Cheers.