I was really happy to receive a Kindle for Christmas.  It was fun to take it to church yesterday and open up my new digital scriptures.  I wanted to see if anyone here got one of these, and wanted to share my impressions and LDS book selections.

I got the 3G model–the one with free cellular access.  The Kindle is about half the price of the iPad, and I do a fair amount of reading, so I figured it was a good deal because you could get web access.  I found that the web browser works better if you turn the Kindle landscape rather than portrait mode.  (In portrait, it’s really hard to read.)  The web seemed a little slow, but acceptable.  I noticed the Web browser is under “Experimental Apps”, so it doesn’t have all the kinks worked out yet.  If you’re reading a normal web page, it’s a bit tough, but if the website has a mobile version, that works much better.

With my model, you can choose WiFi, or 3G (cellular) access.  WiFi is faster–the 3G frequently had trouble accessing pages on the web.  When I got bored in priesthood meeting, I decided to look for the Gospel Principles manual.  For some reason, the church seems to have completely ignored the Kindle, (I’ve never found the church to be on the cutting edge of technology.)  I found an LDS eLibrary for $9.99.  (Is it breaking the Sabbath to buy LDS apps on Sunday?)  It has a pretty impressive selection of books, including essential LDS study manuals such as:

Standard Works
-Bible Dictionary
-Topical Guide
-Index – Triple Comb.
-Guide to the Scriptures
-Joseph Smith Translation (Excerpts)

-Gospel Principles
-Children’s Song Book

If only I had discovered this prior to purchasing the LDS Scriptures (Kindle Edition) for $9.95 the day before.  Now I have 2 sets of scriptures!  However, this version is a bit easier to navigate and read than the eLibrary scriptures, though it is missing footnotes, topical guide, etc of the eLibrary.

I did find some cool free or nearly free items such as

So now I have a bit of a dilemma.  While Kindle books are often much cheaper than new real books, you can find used books for quite cheap, and I have a lot of those I haven’t read yet.  I was hoping that with some of these books in digital format, I might be able to copy them for excerpts of book reviews, but I haven’t figured that out yet.  (Help anyone?)

It seemed to me that the web browsing was a little sluggish, but I was astonished how quickly the books downloaded.  The ability to change font sizes was nice.  I wasn’t really fond of the navigation tool on the web, but it was certainly fine for book navigation.  The Kindle comes with a dictionary, so you can position the cursor on any word.  I got a chuckle when I positioned the cursor on “Ether” in the Book of Mormon.  The dictionary definition said,

a pleasant-smelling, colorless, volatile liquid that is highly flammable.  It is used as an anesthetic and as a solvent …

So, does anyone have any impressions of the Kindle or book recommendations for the Kindle?  Any cool tricks you’ve learned?