It seems that as long as there are rules, guidelines, values, teachings, or commandments, there will be rebellion. Some people even make bad choices specifically because they know the choice is bad for them (that’s an issue for another post).

Whenever a new “commandment” is announced (e.g. “one pair of earrings”) it often causes a stir. I’m not sure how much this stir actually has to do with the specific issue. I wonder if the bigger issue is feeling like one can make choices for oneself–being an independent and an adult, without being “told” what to do.

Any rules or commandments that are given by church leaders restrict agency to some degree. To use the earring example again, women in the church are no longer “free” to wear two pairs of earrings without having the consequences of being in a “state of rebellion” as they were free before. Perhaps new rules create additional consequences?

Whether it’s coming from church leaders, parents, or other authority figures, rules, guidelines, or commandments need to be chosen wisely, and consideration must be made that rebellion that will almost automatically occur in many people upon announcement of any new rule.

Even for many of those who have a belief in “immediately obeying the prophet” there are ostensibly some things they would NOT do.

  • What is important enough for you as a parent to create and enforce a rule around?
  • What is most important to the church? What commandments or “rules” are worth their price?
  • Some might argue that rules are a test of obedience. Is this inevitable and sifting process necessary?
  • For those who feel like they’re very obedient in their church membership, what new rules or commandments would cause you to be disgruntled or even leave the church? I think there is probably a line somewhere that everyone would draw.